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Labor Day is falling on Monday, September 3 in 2018. It’s obviously a wonderful opportunity for people who are looking for holidays on 3 consecutive days as September 1 and 2 happen to be Saturday and Sunday respectively. You will have 3 full days to enjoy and stay away from the stress and worries you usually must experiencing during your job and work day.  However, let’s not ruin this weekend to stay at home doing nothing especially if you have a family in LA. There will be several events to be conducted during the Labor Day Weekend in Los Angeles. You can have fun by taking part in events and activities taking place around this time. So, you need to plan accordingly and have a blast on this extended Labor Day weekend. Here are a few events you might be

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With the Caruso's Pacific Palisades Village project reaching completion, the ambience of the Pacific Palisades community can be likened to the unconcealable excitement written over the face of a kid looking at a promotional standee of his favorite soon to be showing blockbuster movie. The promise of a timeless and sophisticated community gathering spot that gives off the irresistible coastal charm of the Pacific Palisades and the small town feel is altogether alluring. We all can't wait to experience what the Pacific Palisades Village project promises to offer!!

Slated to open on the 22nd of September, the creators of Los Angeles' THE GROVE and Glendale's AMERICANA, are a few weeks away from transforming a 116,000 square foot chunk of the heart of the

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Selling a home has never been easy, real estate agents are indeed the uncelebrated superheroes of our world. With a road that is intrinsically filled with turns and twists, it is important to choose a realtor that understands the Los Angeles real estate market and implements creative strategies to not only sell your home quickly and for the most money, but also a person that you can trust to give accurate and relevant information.

From the point of selling your home crosses your mind to the point of closing the deal, a lot of mistakes and things taken for granted can reduce the selling price of your home or worse hurt your chance of selling the home. When it comes to selling a house, it's best to

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