Benefits on Indoor Plants in Your Home

Posted by Melissa Miller on Thursday, January 31st, 2019 at 1:45pm.

Most of us love the idea of keeping live plants in the home (not that all of us are good at keeping them alive!), but as a real estate broker who is in and out of homes every day, I rarely see many live plants in the home. I have noticed that when I enter a home with a tasteful amount of live plants inside, it immediately feels more welcoming as well as stylish and cool. See our top 5 reasons for keeping live plants in your home and why putting live plants in your home can improve your chances of selling. 

1. Research has shown plants can reduce stress and increase a sense of well-being. Sometime searching for the perfect home can be stressful with driving all over town, finding parking, getting the kids in and out of the car, etc. having plants in your home for sell will give buyers a relaxed feeling among walking into your home. 

2. Plants help improve air quality. We all know Los Angeles is known for its poor air quality. Give buyers a break from the smog when walking into your home for sale by adding beautiful live plants around your home. Not only will this help with the overall air quality, but plants also help to freshen up a home that has been lived in for years, a condo building that allows other smells into the home, a smoker's home, or a pet owner's home. Why? Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity, and reduce levels of some pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, 

3. Plants help your home feel cleaner. Did you know that plants are known to reduce airborne dust levels? When your home is on the market, it can be difficult to keep up with keeping the home clean and tidy for buyer tours. Having plants around may help with the amount of dusting that needs to be done! 

4. Plants help lower background noise. Sellers with homes near busy roads have long used plants to reduce the sounds of nearby traffic, which research as shown effective. Did you know that you can also use plants to reduce noise levels inside the home? This is especially helpful for condo owners who often deal with music, footsteps, and other sounds from neighbors within their building. Having live plants in your condo during showings will help with distracting noises that may turn the buyers off, plus the buyers of your condo will also appreciate the tip when they move in! 

5. They are a universal decoration. When preparing to list your home, staging is one of the key elements to getting buyers through the door. Staging can often be difficult due to varied tastes among buyers. Adding plants around your home is a neutral way to add appeal and style without distracting the buyer from the home's own unique appeal. Plus, plants give the home a welcoming feeling so that buyers can imagine the home as their own during showings.


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